Lula Swim firmly believes in SELF LOVE.

"As a brand, we want to send out a positive msg about body positivity and of course, all that begins with self love and a positive mindset.

Self love means that you accept yourself completly for who you are, treat yourself with kindness and respect, and nurture your growth and wellbeing. It encompasses not only how you treat yourself but also your thoughts and feelings about yourself. So, when you conceptualize self love, you can try to imagine what you would do for yourself, how you’d talk to yourself, and how you’d feel about yourself that reflects love and concern.

When you love yourself, you have an overall positive view of yourself. This doesn’t mean you feel positive about yourself all the time. That would be unrealistic! We all have our moments and that's okay. Dont be so hard on yourself, we are only human.

If you know how to love others, you know how to love yourself. Self love has many benefits, the first benefit is greater life satisfaction. When we love ourselves more, we instantly change our perspective of the world. It can give us a more positive attitude towards life but more importantly, self love is the biggest healer for mental health. It emanates a mystical happiness, confidence, and positivity that draws people in and keeps them there. You'll find yourself kinder and much more pleasant to be around and this all helps your relationships flourish.

Lula Swim wants you to practice self love, because you are beautiful and loved no matter what shape, size, colour or ethnicity you are. You'll start to feel more secure as a person as you tune into your inner being. You will start to believe in and trust yourself more. When you deepen your our connection with yourself through self love, you will see amazing changes being made in your life. So take control today and LOVE YOURSELF."



Lula Swim Label xx